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Welcome to Theo's Website

Theo was born on 12 June 2009 via C-section on 42 weeks at 8 am the Friday morning. That Sunday night, the 14th; his guardian angel appeared to Theo's mom, Willa, for a few seconds. Willa has her own set of fears due to her abusive past and never thought herself to be mother material, but God has proven her wrong!

The next day André and Willa looked up the meaning of Theo's name. Theo is really short for Theodorus, originating from the Greek name Θεόδωρος (Theodōros) meaning "God's gift" And thát Theo truly is! Theo originally would have been named after Willa's father, Leon Potgieter who passed away in 1994. Two months prior to his birth both André and Willa felts strongly that they should rather name him after her older brother who is Johannes Theodorus, but to only use Theo - nothing added. So he became Theo Truter and we believe the name be chosen by God for him. Whoever meets Theo, is touched by the "who" he is and made aware of God of Heaven.

Theo is a social butterfly, most popular amongst his peers and adults alike! Theo is a gentle, caring little fellow, with a great sense of humour and a love for the stage. He also likes to create and build things. Lego being his favourite medium currently, but paint, clay, boxes, etc are also welcomed! Theo enjoys doing things for himself and discovering how things work.

Theo is an amazingly awesome 6 year old boy who's biggest dream is to work on a spaceship as a dentist. In spite of challenges Theo face daily, he is a bright and a hard-working student and a happy chappy.

Theo is Twice Exceptional (2e), 2e means gifted and challenged at the same time. On his Facebook page, we have a little video clip to explain 2e a litle more. This also means he won't lead an ordinary life, but an extraordinary life!" He is for sure EXTRAORDINARY! His different, not less. He has a few challenges, but AMAZING and ABLE! Sure Autism brings lots of challenges. For some more than for others. We do not make the extreme challenges less, but we also ask that you don't make the magic nothing! Here in the middle of the Autistic-NeuroDiverse side of the human spectrum, we do amazing things. That is what we share and focus on.

Theo's parents, André and Willa, realised there was a problem when his speech was not developing and he did not use words in context either. Theo was diagnosed at the age of three, 2012 with Autism (ASD2) including Apraxia of Speech, Hyperactivity (constant moving, running, jumping and bouncing off the walls!), Autism related sleep disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). By 2016 Theo has learnt to focus more on tasks and his apraxia was re-defined to dyspraxia of speech, as he is now talking and improving daily more and more. You will be able to see progress via the little clips/photos/bits and bobs we shared on his Facebook page.

“Bouncing off the walls” become meaningful in the Truter household. Theo literally bounces off the walls, constantly, non-stop. He jumps into the air and came down on his knees on the tile floor! The fact that he only had bruises and not broken bones most certainly classify as a miracle. During 2014, Theo started to attend SNAP. With their assistance, Theo has become calmer, though still hyper and in constant need of movement. From no words, with hard work on Theo's side and assistance from SNAP, Theo now has words. Since 2016 we home educate Theo and even more growth and development is noted daily!.

By the way, both André and Willa was diagnosed the year after The as being Autistic too. (We need to update the page and we also learnt that diagnosis is elastic and adapt as one continues to grow into adulthood. All three of us are ASD (parents ASD1 and Theo ASD2) with traits of ADHD - Theo being hyper and parents not, plus we found out mid 2017/early 2018 that Theo actually has a mild form of cerebral palsy which explains is struggles to chew/swallow, walk/run and extreme low muscle tone and we believe the apraxia of speech link to this. We re-focus on building muscle tone with very good results .... will come to update as soon as ESKOM and time allow, in the meantime - follow his Facebook page for bits and bobs about Theo. We share in the hope to encourage other parents and to education about life on the NeuroDiverse side of the human spectrum.
Instead of wanting us to adapt to your neurotypical world, why don't you rather step into ours! An Autistic world of fun and colour and out of the typical box thinking! Sure we have challenges, but so do you and everybody else! Our challenges are just different.

Accept & Understand; Recognised & Respected NEURODIVERSITY as part of the human spectrum

Thank you for all your support, in whatever form!
The Trio Truter's
© André, Willa and Theo Truter

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