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Homeschool & SNAP

As of Aug 2016, Theo no longer attends the SNAP Academy. This is due to the fact that he fell behind instead of going forward and there are several reasons for this. One of the biggest reasons being Theo's strong Visual/Kinaesthetic orientated learning. He needs auditory too - but while moving and seeing - he learns best. In a class setting with 8 other kids with special needs it is possible to have some movement - but as you can imagine limited.

Thus we home educate and continue to work hand in hand with Carol Vikos from SNAP. Theo will also continue with SNAP Light one-on-one sessions too. We focus on Foundation Phase (pre-grade - Grade3) instead of a specific grade as some of his work is now ahead and due to his Apraxia Theo's phonetic sounds / letter formation are still on a pre-grade level. We are however catching up with the new one-on-one methodes at high speed! On Theo's Facebook page we will share a little bit about this process and progress to encourage other parents in the same position as André and Willa around Theo.

Theo is eager to learn and being Twice exceptional, Theo has the ability - it is just going to be outside the box and different learning pathways than mainstream.

We will also share links to helpful information/sites/people here and on Theo's Facebook page.!!

Watch this spot - still working on it - Theo is first priority and then as time allow - will come add / edit / make neat here.

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